The ridge of the mountains is brought onto a line to be converted into a sinus wave.

Book about women sorting talcum according to whiteness. By Roswitha Weingrill.

Ongoing series of bills folded into origami t-shirts.

Graphic design for the exhibition ‘Erde.Erde’. At the ZOOM - childrens museum Vienna.

Publication for the artist-duo Kozek Hörlonski. The book consist on only one signature that can be folded both ways.

Exhibition graphics and publication design for the exhibition ‘Familienmacher’. Together with Wolfram Wiedner.

Poster series of different projections of the path of the sun and moon.

Exhibition publication for the Daniel Spoerri show at the Bank Austria Forum.

Graphic design for the exhibition ‘Plastic – What, Where, Why?’. At the ZOOM - childrens museum Vienna.

Booklet for the exhibition ‘Hacking History’.

Information booklet for the Media Arts studies at the University of applied arts Vienna.

Photoseries of long time exposures mixed with digital image manipulation.

An interpolating typeface changing its shapes depending on the length of the text. For Grafisches Büro.

A digital interpretation of the first typeface that used stencil as a mere decorations or style. Together with Stefan Ellmer.

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Digital revival of a letterpress typeface consisting of 24 modular elements to build houses.

Publication for artist Brigitte Kowanz on the occasion of her show at ‘La Biennale di Venecia 2017’.

A typeface that renders words as dogs. The longer the word the longer the dog. Single characters result in a sitting dog.

The text of Alice in Wonderland is rendered with only the punctuation visible.

Identity for the furniture label SLANG. In collabration with Studio Kasnyik

A research project investigating non-alphabetic printing material used from around 1800 to the 1940s. Together with Stefan Ellmer.

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